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Warranty Audit Solutions, Inc, (WASI) is a warranty processing/consulting firm that is located nationwide for the automotive industry both in retail and wholesale environments. We employ the finest professionals in the warranty industry having all been manufacturer’s auditors, adjusters and retail service managers.

We started this company on the premise that most dealerships have a tough time finding an experienced warranty administrator to take on the position. We also found the dealers are writing off hundreds of thousands of dollars in warranty claims that should have been claimed but never follow up on due to inexperience. We take that worry out of your day so you can sleep at night.

Our organization exists of corporate and retail professionals that have extensive experience in the automotive business for many years. Our team of professionals are dedicated to help your business succeed and to play a viable part on your success. Most of our employees have extensive corporate auditing experience.

As you may know, to survive in the automotive market these days, you must think outside the box. Sometimes it comes down to making the right decisions at the right time. Our company takes the worry and the headache out of finding someone who is experienced and trained enough to get the most out of your warranty dollars.

Car manufactures are out in full force auditing dealers over and over again. This is inevitable! The problem that we have found is that most of the chargeback’s from a warranty audit could have been avoided! This is a problem that must be taken seriously. One bad employee or improper paperwork could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our Services

Warranty Audit Solutions offer a variety of services available for your dealership. Our warranty processing service is just a start. Would you like to know how your service department is performing? Would you want to know what a potential chargeback could be before the factory performs an audit? We offer a warranty audit and review with an in depth report outlining or shortcomings and out of line procedures. We will show you how to be in compliance with the manufacturer. We offer Warranty Analysis and Audit review, Warranty Training, Warranty Self Audit Reviews, Manufacturer Incentive Audits and Audit Representation.

Warranty Processing – This service is very crucial for any dealership any size. Our professionals will work closely and professionally with your service department. After the repair order is finished, just simply scan the repair order and upload to our website. We review your repair, check for bulletins/campaigns, sign into your DMS system, labor code each claim and close out your repair orders. We send your dealership a variety of reports on a weekly basis which include, any adjustments for the week, technician payroll and efficiencies and a list of all paid claims.

Warranty Audit Analysis =- Our company will visit your dealership and perform a complete in house review and audit. We will review and audit your repair orders for administration errors, technician and service advisors shortcomings and your warranty parts retention area. All of these areas are crucial to survive a warranty audit. After the review, you will be giving an in depth report based on our findings. This will include what a potential chargeback would be if the manufacturer were to perform a warranty audit, service advisor and technician report, warranty parts retention report and a in depth action plan for your dealership to follow. This service can be performed as a one time review or a bi-yearly review.

Warranty Training – This service will benefit all employees along with service advisors, service management, warranty administrators and parts managers. We will spend 3-4 days at your dealership observing and training your service personnel in all aspects of warranty compliance. This service will also entail reviewing your warranty parts retention area.

Warranty Self Audit – This service is for dealerships that do not have the resources or the personnel to review repair orders for manufacturer compliance. Dealerships will send or scan 50-100 repair orders to Warranty Audit Solutions for a complete compliance review. Each repair order will be audited and an in depth report will be sent to your service management outlining deficiencies. This will include items that were not claimed that the dealership is entitled to along with, customer signatures, technician efficiency, technician notes and review of labor operations. This service is also vital for your everyday processes.

Warranty Representation – Are you scheduled for a warranty audit? Of course you feel uncomfortable about the situation because you’re really not sure if your warranty administrator has been processing the warranty claims correctly and if anyone has been double checking the administrators work. Our company offers warranty representation during a warranty audit. We know this business and we could save you some chargeback’s.

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