Warranty Audit Solutions

Warranty Analysis & Audit:

This service is crucial for any dealership review – be it any size!
Our company will visit your dealership and perform a complete, on-site review and audit. After the review you will be given a detailed report based on our findings. This includes, problem technicians, service advisors and service management.
All of these areas are critical to surviving a manufacturer’s warranty audit.
This will include the potential chargeback if the manufacturer were to perform a warranty audit. Included in our report is an in-depth action plan for your dealership to follow.
This service can be performed as a one time review or a bi-annual review.
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(this file is in MS Power Point Format)

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Warranty Processing:

Along with our expert auditor advisors, we also have a team of experienced warranty administration processors.
This service is vital to your everyday operation because we audit your repairs orders for out-of-line conditions prior to submission.
We get claims paid rapidly!
We also take your warranty receivables that are over 60 days and get them paid.
We are highly experienced with the Saga system.

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Warranty Training:

This service will benefit all employees service advisors, service management, warranty administrators and parts managers. We will spend 3-4 days at your dealership observing and training your service personnel in all aspects of manufacturer warranty compliance. This service will also entail reviewing your warranty parts retention area.

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Warranty Self Audit:

This service is perfect for dealerships that do not have the resources or the personnel to review repair orders for manufacturer compliance. Dealerships will send or scan 50-100 (actual number will be based on the dealer’s volume) repair orders to Warranty Audit Solutions for a complete compliance review. Each repair order will be audited and an in-depth report will be sent to your service management outlining deficiencies. This will include items that were not claimed that the dealership is entitled to along with, customer signatures, technician efficiency, technician notes, shop comebacks and review of labor operations. This service is also vital for your everyday processes.

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You can send us repair orders on a monthly basis after the initial in house review

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