Warranty Audit Solutions


As you may know, automotive manufacturers are out in full force performing warranty audits.
This is inevitable!

We have found that most of the chargeback’s from a warranty audit could have been avoided!  

One bad employee or improper paperwork could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Wouldn't you want to know if  an  employee is a liability instead of an asset? Over the years and the audits we have performed, it always seemed that there    were one or two employees that cost the dealership dearly with a charge back.  A neutral party and a second set of eyes  just    makes good business sense.

Warranty Audit Solutions offer a variety of services available for your dealership.

  • Would you like to know how your service department is performing?

  • Would you want to know what a potential chargeback could be before the factory performs an audit?

  • Would you want to know if you have employees that are a liability instead of an asset?

  • Would you like know if you are manufacturer's compliance on a monthly basis?

  • Would you like to have the assurance that we are available for audit representation.

We offer a warranty audit and review with an in-depth report outlining shortcomings and out of line procedures.

We will show you how to be in compliance with the manufacturer.

You can send us repair orders on a monthly basis after the initial in house review

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